Discover your superpowers to pave your path, grow your career, and create more balanced space. Leverage your authentic talents to create more success and harmony.


Hi, I am Angelique Arnao Anderson, CEO & Founder of Arnao Anderson & Associates. I am a certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach and Talent Strategist. I am a proud Introvert and Talent Development Nerd.

My superpower shows up in the form of helping others simplify complexities, cut through the fog, strategize plans of action, all while keeping it very real yet thoughtful.

I have over 20 years of experience in Leadership, Leadership Development, and Organizational Effectiveness. My experience spans across a wide variety of industries and organizational types – tech, retail, finance, and advertising and marketing, within Fortune 50 to start ups. This experience has allowed me to develop a diverse and open perspective through sharpening my own skills and serving as a consultant to internal clients. I have worked through leadership challenges, diversity & inclusion struggles, and felt the stings that come from glass ceilings shattering.

Through executive coaching and diversity, equity and inclusion consulting, I help professionals and organizations tap into their highest potential and thrive at the intersection of life and career.

Working with Me

I collaborate with individuals who:

Want to identify their natural strengths and unlock their potential
Choose to be unapologetic about showing up as their authentic selves
Want solutions to their distinctive challenges
Want to be unapologetic about creating space for harmony
Want to move to the next level in their careers
Choose to strengthen their leadership positioning to develop, engage, and empower their teams
Want to sharpen key leadership competencies
By the same token, I also work with businesses and company leaders who understand that this work starts from the top, and who value creating spaces, strategies, and cultures that help everyone on their team win big.